The Farms

Botanical Body Butters

& Soaps 

The Boutique Store for Body Butters, Oils, Serums & Soaps
The Farms Botanical Body Butters & Soaps
is a small business that hand
makes natural skincare products in small batches. I use only all natural certified organic ingredients.  I also use high quality certified organic essential oils in my products.
I offer body, lip, face and foot butters. Some other  creations  of mine are face oils, hair and infused body oils along with hyaluronic acid serum and eye serum. I make cold process botanical soaps with natural and organic ingredients as well.
My hand made products are everything that you need to keep your hair and body soft, hydrated and healthy. There are no synthetic chemicals, artificial colors or fillers in anything. Skincare products that contain synthetic chemicals can have a very damaging impact not only on your body but on the environment as well. Using natural and organic products is a much better alternative for the environment.
Come experience them. 
Nutrition for your skin.

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Botanical Body Butters