Real handmade, natural soap contains raw ingredients that include  fat and/or oil, liquid and lye. Most mass-produced bars that you buy from the drug store or supermarket contain ingredients not recognized as real soap by the FDA. And this is with good reason! These ingredients are usually harsh detergents and hardening agents. You will see that their packaging omits the word soap, instead, calling them moisturizing bars or cleansing bars. Not being real soap, they contain detergents which strip skin of its natural oils. They use synthetic ingredients to achieve things such as a thick lather or specific hardness of the bar. 

On top of being moisturizing, my handmade, natural soap achieves these properties by having the correct ratios of plant-based oils and other natural ingredients.

Each one of my bars contains organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic sustainable palm oil, shea butter, water and lye.

I add different ingredients like oatmeal, goat milk, essential oils, mineral powder etc. depending on what soap I'm making. I always use essential oils!! Never synthetic fragrance oils. Each bar is 3.5 ounces.

All Natural Soaps