Tired, sore, dry feet? This is the foot butter for you. Or do you just want to make sure your feet are never dried out? This is the foot butter for you. After working all day/night on your feet and just want a nice, hydrating, theraputic foot message? This is the butter for you. Foot Butter is a moisturizer for your feet. Apply a pea sized amount to clean feet. Massage into the whole foot. For best results, wear socks or cotton booties to ensure maximum absorption. This foot butter is made with all organic ingredients. Shea, kokum & mango butter, coconut oil & sweet almond oil. I also add high quality lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree essential oils. Your feet will feel and look amazing!Available in a 1 oz aluminum tin, 2 oz glass jar, or 4 oz glass jar.

Foot Butter

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